Microsoft Business Intelligence

– complete integrated suite

Microsoft is well-equipped for Business Intelligence

Microsoft Business Intelligence is a complete, integrated package with server, client, and developer products.

Microsoft offers a palette of Business Intelligence products and tools, which combine to form the Microsoft BI stack.

The philosophy behind the Microsoft Business Intelligence products is that they should create value from the data you already have. At the same time, the data should be accessible to the right persons and presented in a way that allows the right decisions to be made quickly.

The Microsoft BI stack is developing rapidly and new tools and products are added regularly. The trend is moving toward more self-service, which allows the end users to make their own reports and analyses at a level that was unimaginable only a few years ago.

Below, you will find a description of the many Microsoft products and tools.

Microsoft Business Intelligence products

The Microsoft Business Intelligence products cover all of the disciplines within the genre. Learn more about the different products here.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is the platform of all of Kapacity’s solutions.

With SQL Server, you will get superior performance with the special in-memory technology, which makes SQL Server particularly suitable for Data Warehousing. Microsoft SQL Server is also the perfect choice if you are concerned about security, accessibility, and scalability, where SQL Server also excels compared to the competing products.

In addition to local, conventional installations, SQL Server can also be located in the cloud, for instance in Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft SQL Server comes with a wide range of tools, including Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Reporting Services (SSRS), Integration Services (SSIS) and now also the mobile application Datazen, if you use an Enterprise version of SQL Server.

Learn more about the tools below.

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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI allows you and your colleagues to apply data easily and quickly in ways that provide insight and value for the organization.

Microsoft Power BI is a web and mobile application, which applies a simple drag and drop solution to allow the generation of nice dashboards, interactive reports and advanced analyses – all on the basis of the data sources you select – such as SQL Server, Microsoft Excel or Dynamics CRM.

When your report or analysis is ready, the cloud-based technology makes it easy to share your work with your colleagues, who can then continue working with the data on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Microsoft Power BI also allows you to make your own unique dashboards on the basis of elements from other reports, analyses, etc.

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Microsoft SharePoint Server

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is an integrated environment that makes it easy to manage and share reports and dashboards across your organization.

SharePoint comes with a number of functions to generate dashboards and scorecards, as well as advanced filtering, interactive analyses, and visualizations.

SharePoint is integrated with a wide range of Business Intelligence-related tools, including SQL Server Reporting Services and Power View for reports.

The overall SharePoint architecture implies that the platform can be scaled to fit your exact needs, and it is very secure.

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Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is much more than Word and PowerPoint, as the package – in addition to Power BI – also includes a range of advanced Business Intelligence-related tools and functions:

  • With Power Query for Microsoft Excel, you are able to record, process, and transform data across different sources
  • Power Pivot for Microsoft Excel is used for analyzing data and the product allows you to quickly convert large amounts of data into meaningful information.
  • Power Map for Microsoft Excel makes it easy to create perfect map visualizations in 3D on the basis of your data.

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Microsoft SQL Server tools

Microsoft offers different tools for Business Intelligence-related jobs, including integration, analysis, and reporting. The tools are fully integrated with Microsoft’s Business Intelligence products: SQL Server, SharePoint, and Office.

SQL Analysis Services

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) allow you to build multidimensional and table-based analysis models, which can be used for interactive data analysis, reporting and visualization.

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SQL Reporting Services

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) makes it easy to generate interactive reports.
The reports can be supplied in different formats and used in products such as the SharePoint Server.

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SQL Integration Services

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services are used for the integration of different data sources. The tool includes a wide range of functions for data integration and transformation.

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