Kapacity’s consultants provide Microsoft with more time by optimizing their models with Tabular Editor.

Microsoft’s core business is making companies data-driven, so they can achieve their full potential. And the giant company with 131,000 employees can take a taste of their own medicine; Microsoft is a 100% data-driven company that takes full advantage of the technology to create insight and overview of the business.

At Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, there is an internal agile Business intelligence team of 25 skilled developers. Their task is to develop and maintain tabular models that is being used by 10,000 people at Microsoft for internal reporting of financial data, sales pipeline, CRM, Azure revenue – and more. Microsoft has a lot of customers, so the models need to handle huge amounts of data.

Because the Redmond team is agile, their biggest focus is on new features that should be rolled out to the users as quickly as possible. That is why the time to ensure the performance of the models is limited. This problem is quite normal for agile teams.

In pursuit of improving the performance of the models, the leader of the Redmond team, Michael Kovalsky, found Tabular Editor, a tool developed by Daniel Otykier from Kapacity. The tool makes it easier to build and maintain large and complex tabular models. Michael and Daniel later met at the PASS Summit in Seattle and since then Kapacity has been working on improving the performance of Microsoft’s internal reporting.

Description of the role and services:

  • Set up monitoring on the models so that performance bottlenecks are identified before they occur.
  • Review and improve existing reports for performance optimization, so the computational power of the tabular models is used to the maximum extent.
  • Review existing tabular models and DAX code to ensure best practices are met and models are designed optimally.
  • Investigate and test whether upcoming features in the product roadmap can improve the performance of the models.

The collaboration has lasted since February 2018. Daniel and his colleague Michael Ladum are travelling to Microsoft a week at a time, once every third month. When Kapacity’s consultants are not in Redmond, they work on the solution remote from Denmark.

For Microsoft, the help of the Danish consultants is important:

“We are very happy about the work Kapacity delivers. Their innovation, competencies and insight into the technology are impressive and it is clear that they come from a company where professionalism is at the center and where there is room for advancement,” Michael Kovalsky says and continues: “With the help of Kapacity, we get some space to do what we are supposed to do – developing new solutions. At the same time, we feel confident, that it will perform as well as possible.”

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