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Intelligence Graduate Program

Kapacity Graduate Program is the best start if you want to have a career as Business Intelligence Consultant at the most talented player at the market.

Our Graduate Program is tailored for your qualifications and ambitions. You will receive relevant training and courses, a mentor will follow you throughout the course – and you will be in touch with our customers already from day one.

After 12 months, you will have an exciting work day filled with exciting projects for our customers, many of which are among the largest companies in Denmark.

The figure below shows a typical process in our Business Intelligence Graduate Program.

You can read more about the program, previous participants’ experiences, and Kapacity as a workplace below – and last but not least how you move on from here!

A typical Graduate Program

We tailor the courses for all our candidates depending on education, competences, and choice of role. You can see an example of a typical process below.


-Hereafter the choice of role, drawing up a plan for your Graduate Program.

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100 days

Courses and certifications that build your BI skills.

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Consultant school

Training in teamwork, presentation techniques, etc.

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 Practical experience

You will participate in a team that works with a customer case.

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Now your career really begins in the best BI business in Denmark.

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How was it?

We have asked Mathias and Jacob what they think of their process in the Kapacity Business Intelligence Graduate Program.

“Exciting courses and projects have contributed to a steep learning curve right from my first day of work in Kapacity. At the same time, my colleagues have given me a warm welcome and we can have a good dialogue.”

Mathias, consultant, 27 years old.

“I have learned a lot from being a Graduate in Kapacity. The introductory courses gave a good understanding of the tools we use in BI. The fact, that you quickly get involved in specific customer cases, where you can exchange thoughts with your highly competent colleagues about best practice makes you feel able to help solve the challenges. This, in combination with the fantastic community you are greeted by makes Kapacity a workplace with a good learning culture where new initiatives are encouraged.”

Jacob, consultant, 30 years old.

About working at Kapacity

Kapacity is a young and exciting company in rapid development. We are always working on exciting projects for our customers, many of which are among the largest in the country – and even though we are busy, we have a unique culture.

Kapacity is among some of the country’s best Business Intelligence consultancies. The company was launched in 2008 by five passionated partners and has since undergone a healthy, organic development that has ensured great financial results year after year. Today, Kapacity is a key player in the market with more than 70 employees serving more than 200 customers from our offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Kolding.

Don’t be fooled by the informal culture at Kapacity because although the average age of 40 years is relatively low, our employees are known to be highly professional.

All our employees are carefully selected – not only based on their professional skills but also on their human and social characteristics. This does not mean that we are a bunch of clones, but rather an appropriately homogeneous group that cooperates in the best way – and that provides a fantastic culture.

Kapacity’s strong culture is unique and among our most important assets. We cherish this culture at our annual Christmas party and Summer party, as well as 6-8 other social activities a year – for example cinema tours, go-cart or skiing.

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