Would you like to understand your customer base better and be able to look into the future?

Quickly learn which of your customers will leave your business first. Blog post by Milan Mirkovic Having the ability to take a look into a crystal ball and see the future is probably something that most business owners would rank high on their wish-list. It would enable them to – among other things – [...]

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Microsoft Self-Service BI and The importance of Governance

Traditionally Business Intelligence focuses on delivering business insight through a central data warehouse, in which data has been cleansed and transformed, ready for the business user to consume through traditional reports and ad hoc analysis tools, i.e. Excel. But in today’s fast paced business environment, the requirements for data, reporting and analysis from the individual [...]

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LightSwitch in a Business Intelligence context

What is LightSwitch? Visual Studio LightSwitch is a development environment that aims to simplify and streamline the design and implementation of business applications and data access. At its most basic level, LightSwitch allows you to create forms over data-style applications, with a few simple operations that do not require any coding skills. In this regard, [...]

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EzAPI – a C# library for creating SSIS packages programatically

What is EzAPI? EzAPI is a .NET library written in C#, that abstracts away a lot of the cumbersome low-level coding needed to create SSIS packages XML directly in a programming language. Without EzAPI, one would have to directly reference and use the Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts libraries, which are quite difficult to work with and poorly documented. [...]

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