Project Description

Sophisticated planning solution provides more control

Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark, specialist in the wholesale distribution of equipment and tools for the Danish construction and plumbing industries, wanted a smarter and more efficient tool for monitoring different processes in the departments and for forecasts and revisions.

“With more than 300 departments in Denmark the collection of data was a slow and painful process: we had to collect data from hundreds of spreadsheets from all the different departments, validate it, and consolidate it into a single set of results. It was both complex and highly demanding,” Lars Andreassen, Chief Controller at Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark, explains.

Integration with new system
Based on many years of successful experience with Kapacity and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence software the solution is an extension of their existing BI-solution, so IBM Cognos Planning for managing and analyzing of historical data, budgeting and preparation of forecasts was integrated with the existing system.

”IBM Cognos Planning is a mature and wellrespected solution, and it integrates easily with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence to provide a comprehensive analytics solution,” says Lars Andreasen.

Manual labor was eliminated
With the new solution in place, Saint-Gobain has been able to phase out hundreds of spreadsheets and eliminate the majority of the manual work required to create budgets and forecasts. The length of the forecasting process has been cut from one month down to just a couple of days – which enables the company to create four rolling forecasts per year.

“Quarterly forecasts give us much greater control over departmental budgets, because we can revise them with the most current data,” explains Lars Andreassen. “If there are significant variances between planned and actual expenditure, we can identify the problems quickly and take action to get things back on track.”

The experts became sparring partners
The project was carried out with expert help from Kapacity with whom Saint-Gobain has a long-standing working relationship with.

”Kapacity has been one of our most trusted technology partners for several years. Their approach to project management is very effective and ensured that the IBM Cognos Planning solution was implemented quickly. Kapacity did an excellent job, helping us create a solution that integrates seamlessly with our existing business intelligence landscape,” says CIO Jesper Clausen.