Project Description

BI motivates at Politiken

Politiken’s new Microsoft-based BI solution
motivates and streamlines the sales department

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New Microsoft Business Intelligence Solution Motivates and Makes the Sales Department at Politiken More Efficient

Politiken was founded on 1 October 1884 by Viggo Hørup, Edvard Brandes and Hermann Bing – three gentlemen with a mission: to create a newspaper that would be ”the voice of superior information to the Danish people”, as it said in a brochure that was published a week prior to the newspaper hitting the streets.

Back then, the circulation was approx. 2,000 copies and the price five Danish ører or cents. Since then, the circulation has gone up significantly, but during the past 10-15 years, the print media have said goodbye to many subscribers and buyers who choose online news over the printed paper.

As the circulation drops, the revenue on advertisement has come under pressure. Key words such as cross media sales, strong customer focus and customer relations with key contacts have become extra important to the 20 advertisement salespeople at Politiken.

A strong data warehouse with an easily accessible history is a very valuable tool, helping the salespeople retain their focus, motivate and make their work more efficient.

For this purpose, an old reporting tool was previously used. To some extent, it was able to support the need for insight, but the technology was outdated, and it was disproportionately expensive to further develop this solution.

A single report was kept in Microsoft Excel, where data from JP/Politiken’s central data warehouse (also partly developed by Kapacity) was treated manually. The solution of using Excel was not durable, partly because it involved too much manual typing, partly because it entailed a relatively large risk of errors.

Lene Grønning, Administrative Supervisor at Politiken, says: “It was a big minus that our salespeople could not continuously follow the numbers, because they were only updated once a month. This meant that we could not benefit from the motivation of watching our goals being achieved”.

On these grounds, it was decided in 2010 to start over with a brand new business intelligence solution based on Microsoft technology. The software from Microsoft was chosen because it was much cheaper than the previous solution, and because Politiken expected the technology to have at least as much to offer in terms of usability and flexibility. At the time, Politiken had no employees that could implement a solution like this, so Kapacity was contacted, because there were good experiences to build on from the development of JP/Politiken’s central data warehouse:

”Kapacity’s consultants are brilliant. They have a good understanding of our business, and they listen to our requests, understand them and translate them into something that we can use for the solution”, says Lene Grønning.

Politiken and Kapacity set out to determine what the new solution should and could involve, and on this basis, Kapacity built Politiken’s new business intelligence solution: a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 with Reporting Services and Performance Point.

The finished solution is used, just as previously, to show the sales consultants how far or close they are to reaching their sales bonuses, other goals and KPIs. The sales consultants’ attention is also directed to customers providing a dropping turnover based on historical data. Furthermore, the solution provides the opportunity to follow new customers, the development of individual products and the different sales teams.

”Our sales consultants use the new solution all the time. It is a great motivational factor – a kind of “carrot”, says Lene Grønning.

The solution also saves time for the product owner, Lene Grønning, who has no doubt ”the solution has been worth the investment”.

In connection with building and delivering the solution, Kapacity gave a seminar for users and owners of the solution:

”The seminar means that we can produce our own reports in the solution”, says Lene Grønning and adds: ”The fact that the Microsoft platform is to intuitive and accessible is a huge advantage for us”.

The future for Politiken’s business intelligence solution offers reporting from Microsoft CRM via the SharePoint user interface. The company also wishes to become better at presenting data graphically, e.g. with simple overviews such as dashboards with drill through functionality.